Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

From top to ground level care

Morecraft Drury can be trusted to provide a full range of quantity surveying, cost engineering and commercial management advice.


From early stages of a project to final account and onward sale, our services include:


For Owners and Project sponsors


  • Feasibility, cost estimates and cost plans

  • Advice on the procurement route to be selected and form of contract - see also our strategic procurement section

  • Production of bills of quantities so that projects can be priced, tenders evaluated and properly financially managed.

  • Production of tender and contract documentation with advice on the contract selection

  • Management of the tendering process and selection of a contractor(s)

  • Managing change and implementation of change control procedures

  • Pricing of design change options and assessing their time impacts

  • Producing interim valuations

  • Production of and agreement of the Final account

  • Project audit 

For Contractors


  • Production of builders quantities

  • Review of the commercial risks in the tender and proposed contract

  • Implementation of cost reporting systems where required

  • Valuation of variations and their time impacts

  • Management of sub-contract accounts

  • Preparation of Cost/Value reconciliations

  • Preparation of claims for additional entitlement - see our section on Legal Advice and Claims Consultancy

  • Preparation and negotiation of final account settlements