Construction Contracts & Claims Consulting

The Inside Track on Construction Contracts   

No one wants to be involved in a construction dispute, but the reality is that they do happen.


The complexity, speed and risks associated with the development and construction process mean that disputes unfortunately do occur. We at Morecraft Drury have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of contracts within construction. Our multi-qualified and experienced professional personnel can help you to manage and find a solution. 




Morecraft Drury's early engagement during the feasibility and design phase of a project enables us to reduce a client’s risk through:


  • Providing contract advice and commercial risk management

  • Setting up financial management, programme management and project controls implementation and reporting protocols

  • Training

  • Establishing collaborative working between the Employer, Contractor and the Supply Chain to achieve a successful project



Morecraft Drury are frequently called upon by clients to provide project recovery and turn-around which can include:


  • A review and report on the status of delays and financial management
  • A review of claims received for additional entitlement and advise on their legitimacy and quality of evidential support

  • Producing extension of time claims, loss and expense and claims for damages

  • Advising on the processes and record keeping systems necessary to provide suitable evidence to support a claim for additional entitlement

  • Drafting of defence and counter claims where appropriate

  • Negotiation of final account settlements

  • Secondment into a clients management team



Morecraft Drury professionals are experts in their field and in addition many also possess legal qualifications enabling us to: 


  • Provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals including Accredited Mediators, Adjudicators, Dispute Board Members or provide Expert Determination
  • Draft referral documents and responding documents for Adjudication
  • Provide party representation in Adjudication proceedings
  • Undertake expert witness and forensic services – quantum, delay analysis, project management, contract administration and building defects